Wah Fu Education Group and Xiamen Nanyang University jointly build a distance platform for continuing education,Promoting educational informatization

Release Date:April 16, 2024

In the context of the "Internet+Education" action plan, in combination with the outline of the Ministry of Education's education informatization development plan, and referring to the relevant business processes of the "China Higher-education Student Information" of the Department of Students of the Ministry of Education, Wah Fu Education actively promotes the construction of teaching informatization to meet the urgent needs of college students to realize the digital online learning in the era of "Internet+".

On March 14th, Wah Fu Education Group reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Xiamen Nanyang University and officially signed a cooperation agreement.

Wah Fu Education Group will provide partners with technical operation and maintenance services, learning support services, and teaching and educational operation and maintenance support services related to the "Adult Higher Education Continuing Education Distance Teaching Academic Affairs Platform". At the same time, in order to better respond to the call of the Ministry of Education to encourage schools to independently or jointly develop high-quality online courses with relevant institutions and promote the co-construction and sharing of high-quality digital resources, both parties will jointly build and share more high-quality online course resources according to actual teaching needs.

As a pioneer of the "adult distance education brand" in China, Wah Fu Education Group has currently served over 15 million students and more than 260 universities, establishing strategic partnerships or conducting in-depth cooperation with exam management agencies in more than 20 provinces and cities in China. At present, the company's cooperation scope mainly involves the following areas:

To-B Business End

Providing digital and intelligent education services to governments, public institutions, industries, colleges & universities, institutions, etc., including but not limited to the following contents:

  • • Providing digitalized comprehensive management platform services
  • • Providing learning platform services
  • • Providing intelligent examination platform services
  • • Providing digitalized education and training contents (platform + contents + maintenance service)

To-C Business End

Providing online course coaching and training to individual learners, mainly including:

  • • Academic Education Counseling
  • • Vocational certification training system

Company Introduction

As a NASDAQ listed enterprise, Wah Fu Education Group (WAFU.NSDQ) focuses on providing distance education technology services and learning content. Its subsidiary, Beijing Huaxia Dadi Distance Learning Services Co., Ltd., is the first foreign-invested "high-tech enterprise" and "dual soft enterprise" in the field of distance education recognized by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. Since its establishment in 1999, the company has been committed to providing diversified and customized education solutions for the future development of students, institutions, and universities. It continuously innovates in higher education self-study exams, adult education informatization, paperless smart exam products, industry online training, and non-degree training, and creates new models of smart education through information technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data.