Wah Fu Education Sets Sail in Henan and Embarking a New Journey of Online Education Services

Release Date:March 28, 2024

Recently, Wah Fu Education Group and Henan Zhongsheng Education have reached strategic cooperation and successfully signed agreement.

According to this signing arrangement, Wah Fu Education Group will set up a branch in Henan to carry out business. The business content covers online assistance for higher education self-study examinations (with self-study examination policy), adult academic online teaching and academic affairs, paperless intelligent examination products, and industry online training products, etc.

In the future, the two parties will complement each other’s strengths, build and share together, strengthen strategic cooperation, focus on digital transformation and achieve win-win development for both parties. We believe that the series of cooperation achieved this time will add a new benchmark for the expansion of Wah Fu Education Group’s business in Henan Province.

Wah Fu Education Group Limited (WAFU.NSDQ), as a Nasdaq-listed company, focuses on providing distance education technology services and learning contents. Beijing Huaxia Dadi Remote Education Online Service Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the group, (, is the first foreign-invested “High-tech Enterprise” and “Double-Soft Enterprise” in the field of distance education recognized by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. Since its establishment in 1999, the company has been committed to providing diversified and customized education solutions for the future development of students, institutions, and universities. It has continuously innovated in the fields of higher education self-study examinations, adult education informatization, paperless intelligent examination products, industry online training and non-academic training, etc., as well as creating new model of intelligent education through information technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data.

As the pioneer of China’s “Adult Distance Education Brand”, Wah Fu Education Group has currently served more than 15 million students and more than 260 higher education institutions, and has established strategic partnerships or developed in-depth cooperation with examination administrative agencies in more than 20 provinces and municipalities across China. The company’s current cooperation scope mainly involves the following areas:

To-B Business End

Providing digital and intelligent education services to governments, public institutions, industries, colleges & universities, institutions, etc., including but not limited to the following contents:

  • • Providing digitalized comprehensive management platform services
  • • Providing learning platform services
  • • Providing intelligent examination platform services
  • • Providing digitalized education and training contents (platform + contents + maintenance service)

To-C Business End

Providing online course coaching and training to individual learners, mainly including:

  • • Academic Education Counseling
  • • Vocational certification training system

With its excellent reputation in the market and strong capabilities in developing and applying new technologies, Wah Fu Education Group has been able to provide partners with complete and cutting-edge technology solutions and achieve tangible results.