B2C Online Training Cloud Services for Training Organizations

Project introduction

The education training industry has entered the era of explosive growth of Internet. Huaxia Dadi provides a remote training cloud service solution with maximum economic returns, best business model, and fast setup speed for universities, colleges or training institutions after exploration and accumulation in many years.

Platform advantages

The web-based training E-platform developed by Huaxia Dadi is an online learning platform integrating multiple functions including learning management system, courseware development, test library, content management, resource library, teaching calendar, courseware VOD, online test, interactive question and answer, portal operation and maintenance, online course sales, access analysis and streaming media service.

Diversified courses

Huaxia Dadi can provide more than 2,000 courses for the partners. These courses cover non-academic courses in various fields such as teacher qualification training, IT training, NCRE, accounting training, management training, and language training, as well as diploma upgrade courses such as self-study higher education examination and adult university entrance examination. High quality online tutoring courses and multi-level learning support services are the guarantee of our cooperation.

Successful cases