Network study cloud service for self-study higher education examination

Project introduction

To comply with the comprehensive reform policies for self-study higher education examination, Huaxia Dadi builds a "comprehensive network study and evaluation platform for self-study examination”, which is equipped with more than 1,000 quality network courses, to help education authorities, colleges and universities in charge of examination, educational colleges and universities (institutions), and students in terms of management, supervision, teaching, and learning. Over the years, we have established cooperation with more than 100 colleges and universities in China

Project advantages

Network study evaluation (pilot) is an important part of the comprehensive reform of self-study examination issued by the Office of Guiding Council for National Higher Education Self-study Examination. Comprehensive evaluation of self-study student education has changed the current evaluation method where one test can determine a student’s life. With the comprehensive evaluation mode combining process evaluation and scores in the nationwide test, a student’s performance in face-to-face teaching and online learning is comprehensively evaluated and analyzed, and such performance is recorded as the process evaluation score and weighted and combined with his/her score in the nationwide test to obtain the final score of the student.

Platform structure

Outstanding teachers

We have more than 300 teachers and dozens of senior teachers engaged in over 1,000 online courses for self-study examination.

Successful cases