Education cloud platform

As the internet age featuring big data, intelligence, mobile internet and cloud computing is coming, the Internet and the sharing economy are not only changing people's lives, but also bringing about a new round of industrial transformation covering education.

Sticking to its tenet of "transforming education into productivity", Huaxia Dadi puts forward the core concepts of " distance education as a service" and "platform as a service". Based on this, Huaxia Dadi releases the new model of "education cloud platform cooperative operation".


Cooperative operation

Oriented at industries, enterprises, institutions, government departments and other institutional clients, our education cloud platform provides a comprehensive E-learning cooperation and operation solution covering training platform development and maintenance, training system design, exploration and construction of curriculum resources so as to support remote training and management of its internal members (students) and external partners (sites).

Operational advantages

With "cooperative operation" provided by our education platform, institutional users are not required to invest heavily in platform construction, buy hardware, or build an operation team.All the technical services that traditional institutions are not good at are provided by our education cloud platform. This cooperation model assists customers in reducing training costs, improving training efficiency, and optimizing investment portfolio, eventually achieving mutual benefit and reciprocity, collaboration and win-win cooperation.

System structure

Our education cloud platform system comprises learning management system, course development, test library construction, content management, resource library, teaching calendar, course VOD, online examination, Q&A, portal maintenance, online lesson sales, access analysis and streaming media service. The platform contains 12 subsystems including account center, course VOD system, test library and examination system, Q&A system, web disk system, content management system, learning management system and site management system. Users can access the platform through various terminal devices such as mobile phones, tablets and PCs.

Implementation phase

Upon cooperation confirmation of customers, cooperative operation of our “education cloud platform" is implemented in two phases.


1.R&D preparation

Huaxia Dadi is responsible for the development and construction of online course resources and training platform. Huaxia Dadi will assume the expenses for purchasing basic IDC hardware such as servers, storage, switches, and application software (such as remote training platform, streaming media application service software, test library and training evaluation system software, database and middleware) and other related expenses.We are also responsible for the layout of infrastructures such as streaming media application software, course resources, test library and training evaluation system.

2. Cooperative operation stage

Huaxia Dadi is responsible for technical services and service operation such as IDC infrastructure of Telecom and Unicom and third-party CDN video access node, technical operation and maintenance, as well as related expenses.


Cooperation Case