Introduction to network remote training cloud service project for further education of higher education

Project introduction

Based on the overall requirements on reforming and developing further education of higher education by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, Huaxia Dadi launches the network remote training cloud service solution for further education of higher education by taking advantage of the rich experience in development and operation of college adult education management systems in many colleges and universities.

Platform advantages

Management improved by information development

  • Permanent data saving, convenient information construction, fast data sharing, and collaboration between various divisions.Multiple management systems are integrated into one. Commonly used statistical reports are generated and printed quickly, thus improving the work efficiency.

Teaching and educational administration platform built with zero cost

  • Free access to dedicated streaming servers, data servers and application servers. Free access to IDC infrastructure (equipment room/bandwidth/storage) and technology operations. Free access to all functional modules of the educational administration system, and free secondary development for some functions.Free access to mobile learning APPs.

Internet learning resource sharing

  • Quality online courses are provided by famous teachers from elite schools, thus improving the teaching quality. College resources are shared to reduce the cost of resource construction.Specialized course development teams develop personalized courses.

Supervised learning courses

  • The learning progress of students can be viewed in real time. The random image acquisition technology monitors the students' learning process.The entire learning process is recorded for the evaluation of the teaching process.

System structure

Teaching service system for further education of higher education

Educational administration system

Admission management, School roll management, Teaching management, Examination management, Payment management, Graduate management, Information management

Teaching management system

Courseware VOD system, Test library and examination system, Q&A system, Web disk system, Thesis system

Online learning system

School roll management, Teaching plan and course schedule, Online learning, Score inquiry

Remote teaching system

Information query

Password change

Online learning

HD video class learning, online homework and test, online test, online mentoring, learning resource download

Thesis management

Thesis topic selection, Thesis supervision

Teaching planning and course schedule

Class teaching planning and class schedule query

Score Query

Score query


Cooperation cases